Jamie Hoyt-Vitale is a graphic designer living and working in NYC. After earning a BFA in graphic design from the School of Visual Arts, she went on to work for indie record label, Rykodisc, which soon became part of Warner Music Group. She has worked with internationally recognized artists such as Joe Jackson, as well as home favorites Nickel Eye, Freezepop and Jupiter One. Developing concepts and designing CD, DVD and LP packaging, tour posters, postcards, buttons, sticker, ads, web banners, email blasts, photo retouching and executing photo shoots were among her many responsibilities as Senior Designer. She is also credited for creating stationary and branding around Rykodisc's 25th Anniversary and the Ryko Greenhouse campaign. Along with working with Rykodisc artists, Jamie supported creative for Cordless Recordings and ran preflight checks on work for Ryko Distribution's labels before submitting their projects to the printer.

Working a nine to five job has never been enough for Jamie. She has taken on a plethora of various freelance jobs over the years in order to further satisfy her hunger for creative projects. Working with a diverse range of clients from small entrepreneurial businesses to large entertainment companies, she has made a name for herself as a branding and identity savant. When presented with the challenge of creating an identity for a client, she tackles it head on by first working on logo treatments, looking at how they will be used and applied, and then building a brand from there. She has a penchant for the smallest of details and strongly believes that they are the factors responsible for breathing life into any project. Jamie has worked with many musicians - The Verve Pipe, Will Hoge and Meral Guneyman to name a few - on their packaging and merchandise design, as well as their photo retouching and editing work. Apart from this, she is also the go-to print consultant when companies, namely leading mobile entertainment company Thumbplay, Inc., require print work for marketing tools.

Jamie specializes in type-driven design, taken with a clean and stripped down aesthetic - negative space is good. She likes problem solving (math was always her favorite subject in school) and takes much of her inspiration from the colors and textures found in interior design. She values high quality work and experiences and holds herself to high standards.